Get started with charity administration

As a charity administrator, you can manage your eBay direct sellers - employees of your charity selling on your behalf where 100% of their sales proceeds go directly to your charity.

To get started, please confirm that your charity is correctly registered with PayPal by logging into your charity PayPal account.

To work with direct sellers and automatically have 100% of the proceeds benefit your organization, receive the reduced PayPal charity rate of 2.2% and have immediate access to your funds, register your charity through the PayPal Giving Fund.

Not sure if your charity is already registered?
Do a quick search.

How do I accept donations as a charity?

Once your charity is registered with us, you can accept donations from direct sellers. Just tell us which sellers you want to sell on behalf of your charity, and we'll send them an email to invite them. When they accept your invite, these sellers can donate 100% of their sales to your charity.

Not sure if your charity is already registered? do a quick search.

What are the benefits of working with direct sellers?

When you work with direct sellers, your charity gets

  • 100% of all sales
  • Final value fee and insertions fee credits for items sold
  • A lower PayPal processing rate of 2.2%
  • Immediate access to funds from sales

Sell for charity to make a difference

Choose to donate a portion of whatever you earn on each item you sell. You can also become a direct seller for your favorite charity. Learn more.